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The Future

Front Entrance of House Bethesda

Continued Support

​It is the intention of the orphanage to continue for many years to come. Funding is the only issue that may prevent this. Khun Nim is committed to continuing to provide support and care for the children for as long as they can.

Kids in Akha dress at House Bethesda
University student from House Bethesda


As the children get older, they will not be able to pursue continuing education in the remote regions of northern Thailand. Therefore,  they need to move down to the city of Chiang Rai to attend college or university. Currently, four children are in college and university in the city of Chiang Rai through the support of House Bethesda Orphanage.

HBO Kids Thailand has rented a small room, in order to house three young women that are attending college and one young man, who lives in the dorm at Rajabhat University. It would be better to rent a larger house and house all of the children in the same facility. This would be safer for them and less costly. 

Merry Christmas from House Bethesda

Hill Tribe Children of Thailand

There are many hill tribe children that are denied access to education in the area near House Bethesda in the Mae Salong region of northern Thailand. The orphanage would very much like to have more children living with them but the lack of funds prevents this.

It is the dream of House Bethesda that the kids will one day return after graduation to assist the younger children in completing their education. At this time, graduates who lived under the care of House Bethesda for years do return on the weekends to spend time with their brothers and sisters.  

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